“The Fastest Way I Know To Improve Your Copy…
And Increase Your Sales by
Up To $503,417 or More!”

Hi, this is Carl Galletti and I’m a freelance copywriter and I am going to “spill the beans” on a closely guarded secret of my profession. It’s the cheapest and easiest way to improve your copy, no matter who writes it. And it can add substantially to your bottom line. The truth is: hardly anyone talks about it, especially with clients.

But first, let me have Garrett Mac Donnell tell you his story…

“How Carl Galletti, In Less Than an Hour,
Increased My Client’s Sales by $503,417”

“Hi, my name is Garrett Mac Donnell and I learned copywriting from one of the masters, Carl Galletti.

“His coaching program was so effective that I was able to go out and get several paying clients. One client was really big and when I tested the copy for them, it broke even plus added a nice little profit. But I thought it could do better. So, I asked Carl if he’d look at the copy and give me his suggestions.

“At the end I had a clear plan of what to change and why. These changes were really quite simple and easy and could be done very quickly. Frankly, I didn’t think they would improve results that much until I got the results back: the changes brought in…

An Extra $503,417 In Just The First Month!

And it sold a recurring program.

“I find it amazing that the results would be so dramatic. Of course, every promotion is different and no one can guarantee results like this or even any results at all. But one thing I know about Carl Galletti is that he has an uncanny ability to look at someone else’s copy and almost instantly see how to improve it. He made me look good to my client because that’s how he works. He helps you improve your copy but you to take all the credit for it.”

You know, it’s no secret among top freelancers that the best copywriters have at least one other copywriter look over their copy to make sure it is the most effective it can be.  They know it but it seems to be relatively unknown to most everyone else.

Gary Halbert had John Carlton. Dan Kennedy routinely has other copywriters work with him on projects.

I remember one time when another copywriter looked over my copy and made one small suggestion that DOUBLED MY SALES. That was an extra 5-figures that I instantly made…5-figures I would NOT have made without that suggestion. And, over the course of the product’s life cycle meant an EXTRA 6-figures.

If getting results is important to you and you want to squeeze every drop of profit from your promotion, you’ll have it reviewed by the best copywriter you can afford. But it doesn’t have to cost that much.

My service is very reasonably priced for anyone, even other copywriters. That’s because I enjoy it so much and, to me, it’s a lot easier than writing the copy from scratch. Yet, the results are often lopsided when compared to the effort and cost. All copy can be improved by a fresh viewpoint.

If you’re a business owner who hires copywriters to write your copy, you can have me work with them to improve results. The only thing is, I insist that it has to be confidential between the copywriter and myself and it has to be with the other copywriter’s approval. In other words, the copywriter and I work amongst ourselves in a confidential manner. Of course, they get all the credit. I don’t need the credit. I’m just a hired hand to help improve results.

If you’re a copywriter, you still get all the credit from your client. No one has to even know I helped, unless you want them to know, like Garrett.

If you write your own copy, we work the same as I do with other copywriters.

I can work in any of the three stages of copywriting:

  1. Before it’s written – to brainstorm headline ideas, approaches, story possibilities, offers, etc.
  2. While it’s being written – gets the creative juices flowing and overcomes writer’s block as well as improves the overall copy quality.
  3. After it’s written – to improve the copy effectiveness. There are so many aspects to consider when writing copy that it’s easy to overlook some of them because you are too close to it to see things you would normally have caught, if it were someone else’s copy.

I focus on the easiest changes that get the fastest and most improved results.

I Know How To Increase Sales

I have been getting amazing results from my own copy for years. My specialty is designing copy and marketing strategies that get results. Here are just a few of my own personal successes:

$54,835.00 in 18 Hours (John Reese’s Traffic Secrets)

$106,287.00 in a day (Frank Kern & Ed Dale’s Underachiever Mastery)

$35,946.00 in a promotion seen by only 300 people (My Copywriter Protege Program)

And even $458,949.00 in 60 minutes!!! (Google AdWords related promotion)

These are just from my own projects. My clients’ projects have brought in millions more by using my copy. And I don’t even have a count on how many millions have been brought in by my students and their clients. It’s a lot.

Over The Past 23 Years I’ve Been Teaching Hundreds Of Others
To Get Results From Their Copy And Marketing Strategies
With My Copywriter Protégé Program

I’m not promoting my Copywriter Protégé Program here. I’m just showing you that I’ve worked with a lot of copywriters at all levels and I know how to get the best results when working with them.

I’ve written copy with and for many other copywriters as well, including people like Gary Halbert and Jay Abraham.

Another copywriter and friend, Gary Bencivenga, is considered to be one of the top copywriters of all time. He had closely guarded his copywriting techniques that consistently out-performed the best copywriters in the industry. His copy was so successful that he became a legend among other professionals and businesses that had multi-million dollar promotions at stake. But he never wrote a book about it and hardly ever spoke at a seminar.


However, when he retired, he announced a one time only seminar at which he revealed his copywriting secrets. Only 100 of the world’s top copywriters were invited to attend and it was $5,000.00 no matter who you were. In attendance were Gary Halbert, John Carlton, Yanik Silver, Eben Pagan (aka David DeAngelo), Jim Punkre, Harlan Kilstein and many of the best copywriters in the world, including myself.

I tell you this not to brag (well, maybe a little) but to show you that I am not only considered one of the best but spare no expense to keep abreast of the world’s most powerful copywriting secrets and methods. Here’s the proof – the certificate the Top 100 received:

But I am most proud of the people I’ve coached:

  • Harlan D. Kilstein wrote his own book about copywriting and had this to say about me: “I began working with a great copywriter, Carl Galletti. Carl was brutal. When I was writing my own ads, I would just write. With Carl, however, I couldn’t just write. There had to be a reason for what I was writing. Carl did not accept, ‘I’m just writing that paragraph, I’ll get to something.’ Every word and every sentence had to count, and I was grateful to Carl for revealing to me how to tighten up my copy.”
  • I worked with Richard Schefren on a lot of his early copy and he became so accomplished that he began working with Jay Abraham and is now one of the world’s top Internet entrepreneurs.
  • I coached Bob Scheinfeld and his first copy after that got a 39.4% response.
  • Brian Keith Voiles became a top professional copywriter with many successes and kudos from Gary Halbert.
  • David Martin said “I figure your Copywriter Protégé Program will be worth at least $10,000 to me — PER MONTH!”
  • Frank Garon claimed: “Your Protege Program has made an immediate difference to my bottom line”

I’ve Written Great Copy for Myself and Others,
I’ve Coached Other People To Do the Same, And
I Believe I Can Help You Improve Your Sales

Put me to the test. Book me today.

I call this type of service a Co-Write. After working with me you will leave with:

  • Quick and Easy Ways To Improve Your Copy and Increase Sales
  • A Crystal Clear Plan on What To Do

My normal rate for this Co-Write service (which is done interactively with you over the phone) is $597 per hour. One hour is probably enough, if your copy is already finished. And it’s a bargain at that price. Ask Garrett Mac Donnell.

If you want me involved sooner in the process, you may want to book more hours but that is entirely up to you.

Now, about that $597 per hour investment…if you invest in a block of 5 hours, you can pick it up at the insanely low, low investment of only $197 per hour or a total of $985. And, if you invest in a block of 10 hours, you get them at only $147 per hour or a total of $1470.

You don’t have to use your time all at once. Get them now and use it an hour at a time whenever you want, within a year. You’ll probably make more than your money back after the first hour.

Obviously, I only have a certain number of slots available, so I absolutely must limit the number of hours I take on. There are only so many hours in a day and I do have other work and assignments that I have to consider.

Look, this is an experiment. I’m NOT sure if I’ll ever do it again.

I have to see how much I really like doing more hours of Co-Writing. I’ll probably offer it again but I can NOT make that promise at this point and it may not be at this deep a discount — you ARE working with a world-class copywriter, you know. So, invest in your hours now before I come to my senses and realize the investment is too insanely low and raise the price back to it’s original or more. Take advantage of me. Do it now.

It’s easy. Just click the button  below for the option you want and we’ll get started.

“By using the techniques I learned from Carl I was able to make a little over $147,000.00 the first year after opening my new company. Additionally, I realistically believe that he has helped me earn well over $750,000.00 since then. Whatever you have to do, GET HIS STUFF NOW!” — Testimonial from Joe Williams, a Tony Robbins “Date With Destiny” and “Mastery” level trainer