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Dear Friend,

Sometimes you need to know “the rest of the story.”

During a $5,000.00 seminar given by Jay Abraham, the top marketing genius in the world, with hundreds in attendance, something very strange happened.

Right in the middle of the seminar the entire staff left for two hours!

Where were they?

And what were they doing?

None of the attendees knew. But you will know. Right now!

Let me explain…

It all started when Jay Abraham’s personal assistant called me, Carl Galletti, and invited me to be a guest at Jay’s $5000.00 Mastermind Marketing seminar.

And, “Oh, by the way, Carl,” he said,

“We’d like you to give the staff a 
private workshop on writing copy”

Why would the staff of the world’s greatest marketing genius want this? Because they know just how valuable the skill of writing copy is and how important it is to getting outrageously successful results. They wanted their entire staff to be trained on it and they wanted to be trained by a top copywriter.

It’s no secret between the experts. When they are sitting around discussing what works and what doesn’t, they know that the single most crucial element is COPY.

And why did Jay’s staff choose me to train them on writing copy?

It’s because of my skill as a copywriter. I’ve written copy for and lectured for/with some of the greatest marketing gurus, Internet experts and copywriters in the world. People like:

  • Jay Abraham – the $5000/hour marketing genius.
  • Ted Nicholas – the $200 million marketing guru.
  • Paul Hartunian – the publicity guru
  • Dr. Rob Gilbert – one of the world’s top coaches.
  • Bill Meyers – Mr. Guerilla Video/Marketing.
  • Ken Kerr – Epcot center/Disney designer.
  • Jeff Paul – the $200K/month guru of vertical marketing.
  • Armand Morin – Internet marketing expert and software producer.
  • Alex Mandossian – Traffic Conversion expert.
  • Robert Allen – the New York Times Best Selling author and “No Money Down” originator.
  • Corey Rudl – Top Internet marketing entrepreneur.
  • Gary Halbert – the famous direct mail copywriter.

And many more!!!

I’ve personally trained hundreds of copywriters. So, it’s no wonder Jay’s staff wanted me to give them the training session. They wanted only the best.

And that’s where they were when they mysteriously disappeared in the middle of Jay’s $5,000.00 seminar.

They were at a special training session learning secret copywriting techniques with me.

And because I had the session recorded to audio tape, YOU can get the same training that Jay’s staff got.

They bartered a $5,000.00 seminar for it. It’s value to you is priceless.

I called this training session:

“The Greatest Advertising Secrets of All Time”

In just two short hours I showed Jay’s staff the essence of how to write explosive advertising copy.

Although this copywriting seminar was PRIVATE and EXCLUSIVE to staff only (I was not allowed to release this information until just recently), you will be privy to the same powerful information they received.

It’s Like Being A Fly On The Wall Of
One Of The Most Insightful And Secret
Training Sessions On Copywriting
That Has Ever Been Given

Jay’s staff paid with a $5,000.00 seminar. If you were to hire me to get this kind of information, I’d charge you at least $1,194.00 (that’s only $597.00/hour, my standard fee for hourly consults). But you won’t have to pay that much. Because right now, today, you can get it all for the one-time low, low payment listed below.

Don’t put this off. I never know how long I will be allowed to sell this. Jay’s office could call at any moment and tell me to stop. So, don’t be disappointed…

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Here’s what you get:

  • A 2-hour audio mp3 file that you can listen to on your computer, phone, iPod or any other player that allows you to listen to an mp3 file, even your car, if it is so equipped.
  • A 150+ page transcript of the audio presentation in standard PDF readable format.

All delivered in one downloadable zip file.

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PS – Never before has such a program been released. It condenses the most important elements of copywriting into just two short hours of the most intense information ever presented on the subject. You get just the most powerful secrets and only the most powerful secrets. There is no wasted time on these tapes.